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  • Rapidly spin up new client sites or staging instances
  • Simplify your multisite management
  • Save tons of time on site migrations and testing


  • Easily create parallel versions of sites for testing or comparison with no coding required
  • Perform quick global replacements of placeholders in site content.


  • Effortlessly roll out networks of similar sites.
  • Use for regional sites, affiliate marketing, or any other purpose.
  • Increase reach and decrease deployment time.

How Valuable Is Your Time?

You have important things to do… Don’t spend valuable time on site transfer or duplication tasks that could be automated.

Single site & multisite support

The WP Cloner specializes in providing fast, powerful cloning within WP multisite networks – to new sites or over existing sites. But it also offers single site cloning, including copying a network subsite to a separate single site and vice versa.

Remote "teleport" cloning

In Teleport mode, you can easily and securely transfer sites between multisite networks on different servers, or even migrate a whole network over to a new server. WP Cloner will copy everything in the WordPress database, and can also copy theme and plugin files for you via FTP.

Content management

With WP Cloner you have access to a variety of settings for precise selective cloning. You can turn media cloning on or off, control exactly which database tables are cloned, and select which post types are copied when replacing one site with another one.

User cloning

When cloning users, you can copy just the current user or all existing users complete with their roles and metadata, with robust logic for handling the complexities of multisite and single site user schema differences. You’ll also be able to instantly create new admin users for cloned sites, in order to hand them off to someone else.

Custom search & replace

In addition to performing automatic, serialized-safe smart URL replacements on all site content, Cloner gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of custom search and replace values. You can run WP Cloner in search and replace mode on an existing site, or perform replacements on the fly while cloning to a new site.

Frontend cloning

With frontend cloning, you can set up template sites for new users to choose between when registering for a blog/site on your network, as well as custom fields for them to provide their own values for placeholders in the template site content. Their new site will automatically be set up with all content and settings cloned from the selected template site, and populated with their personalized values replacing the placeholders.

Saved presets

Each time you use WP Cloner, you have the option to save all your settings in a named preset. You’ll be able to instantly load all the configuration for commonly repeated operations in one click.

Background cloning

The Cloner runs via a series of robust background processes, so you can clone large sites without running into timeout errors, and you can close your tab without interrupting cloning, or stay and watch the progress live.

Developer experience

We built the Cloner to be a power tool, with WP-CLI support, extensive debug logging, a large number of actions and filters, and a robust add-on architecture for creating new modes, options and functionality.

Literally save hours cloning any WordPress site

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James Frazier
The Perfect Plugin for Duplicating! This plugin is absolutely incredible! It saves me so much time in creating multisite sub-sites. And it is so easy! Thank you for making it available.
I’ve had so many issues with so many plugins doing backup/sync etc I was really worried that this one would be the same, but it worked like an absolute dream. Nice one!
Jack Hittle
Fantastic cloner. It does what they say. Cloned a single site in a WordPress multisite in less than 30 seconds. So happy I found this plugin. And, their support was no less than superb!

OMG – If Only I Found This Earlier!!

This plugin blew my mind.

It’s just stupid – ONE CLICK and my whole woocommerce store was copied in a new subsite with all the plugins set up the right way, products and pages with links updated AND orders data saved!

A few months ago I did the same process manually. Took me one week to go through all the plugins and found that none would do the job at once but I had to use multiple ones: duplicator, woocommerce import/export, plus exporting third party plugins’ config manually etc. Took me several days to complete the job I got done with 2.45 min with this one plugin...

Thank you so much! I was dreading the process of manually cloning a multisite but this cloned it to a level of perfection. Amazing, thank you so much!
Wow, I must say it here, this plugin saved me tons of hours. Developing locally on multi-site I needed to clone one of my sites. I already own Duplicator Pro but they don’t offer the same option to clone only one site. So this plugin came really handy.
Simone Ricerche
Simply the most useful plugin to clone websites. Clone is a really complex operation but with this plugin it’s so easy! Really solid and honest company.
Invaluable Utility for Multisite. For anyone who works with high-volume Multisite networks, WP Cloner is a game-changer. Simple and dependable.

Frequently asked questions

Wondering about price & licensing, feature info, or technical details? Check out these common questions to find answers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, you can find the full plugin documentation here.

WP Cloner copies everything you need to have a totally identical twin site: all media uploads, posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, comments, menus, WordPress options, theme and plugin settings (including which ones are active), users, roles, etc.

Theme and plugin files themselves are the only thing not copied by the Cloner. For cloning inside a multisite network, that’s not even needed, and for cloning to a remote site, you’ll just need to quickly transfer those via FTP. Then the Cloner will handle all the tricky database stuff for you.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Clone any subsite in a multisite network to a new subsite.
  • Clone any subsite in a multisite network over top of another existing subsite.
  • Clone a subsite out of network into its own single WordPress install.
  • Clone a single WordPress install into a network subsite.
  • Clone an entire multisite network.
  • Clone a single WordPress install to another single install.

Here are a few limitations:

  • You can’t clone an entire subdirectory network into a subdomain network (although you can clone individual subsites between the two). See the WordPress docs for more info about the difference.
  • The plugin doesn’t “pull”, only “push”, so you can’t currently clone to a non-public location, e.g. from your server to localhost (although you can do it the other way around, e.g. from localhost to a dev or production server).
  • You can’t clone over top of an existing subsite in another network. If you want to replace a subsite in a remote network, you’ll have to do it in two steps: (1) clone to a temporary new subsite on the remote network, then (2) within that network, clone the newly created temporary subsite over top of the existing one and then delete the temp copy.

Yes — WP Cloner used to be called NS Cloner (NS stands for Never Settle, our company name) but we’ve rebranded to WP Cloner to be more straightforward and recognizable. They’re the exact same plugin, and you’ll still see some references to “NS Cloner” in reviews, in the directory name of both the free and pro versions of the plugin, etc.

Yes, and you get them all for one low price! We previously offered the different components of functionality in WP Cloner as separate add-ons that could be purchased individually.

Now, you don’t have to buy add-ons anymore – all of the add-ons that you may have seen previously (Search and Replace, Table Manager, etc) plus a whole bunch of brand new features are all bundled up in this one Pro plugin.

WP Cloner has several things going for it that differentiate it from other plugins available:

  1. It was made for first and foremost for multisite. Whereas other plugins may advertise multisite support as an additional feature or add-on, the Cloner was built from the ground up with WP multisite as the primary target.  What a duck is to water, Cloner is to multisite. If you’re looking for superior performance and smoothness while working with multisite, we’re pretty confident the Cloner will provide that for you.
  2. It does one thing, and does it well. The Cloner is designed to do one thing: be your go-to tool for copying WordPress sites. A lot of the other plugins on the market with features for copying/migrating sites are mainly backup plugins with an added feature of being able to import a backup on a different site to migrate it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but have you ever noticed that many times, when a tool tries to do multiple things at the same time, it does none of them quite as well? It’s our mission to offer you the highest quality site-copying experience possible when using the Cloner.
  3. The Cloner also offers some combinations of functionality like frontend cloning (automatic, customizable cloning of a template site when a new user registers) which no other plugin offers, to our knowledge.

The free version of WP Cloner available on fully copies individual subsites to new subsites within a WP multisite network.

See our pro features page for more detail, but some of the extra things that come in Pro are:

  • Standard WP support (not just multisite)
  • Teleport mode to clone remotely between sites & networks
  • Clone Over mode to clone over top of (replace) existing sites
  • Custom search and replace
  • Frontend cloning


An install is activating the plugin on one instance of WordPress , so you could use the Cloner for a multisite network with unlimited sites in it, and that would count as just one install (not a bad deal!). If you were to connect it to a second network or single site to clone remotely, that would be count as two installs.

We do not believe in handicapping functionality based on license activation, so the plugin will function without one, but sites must have an active license to be entitled to plugin updates or support.

If you have feedback on how we can improve, or ideas/requests for features, we’d be happy to hear from you at Of course, we can’t make any guarantees — many feature requests wouldn’t be popular enough to justify the cost in custom development. But we’re regularly reviewing and working to build towards what will be most valuable and helpful for our users, so your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

With WP Cloner you can copy any WordPress site, simply:

  1. Go to the Cloner admin page, and select the site you want to copy plus enter the name and URL for the new site.
  2. (Optional) Add custom search and replace or customize the settings to make your clone exactly what you want it to be.
  3. Click the “Clone” button and sit back while the WP Cloner makes a full copy for you in seconds!

You can do full-site search and replace with the WP Cloner in two ways – on a new cloned site (in Standard Clone mode), or on an existing site (in Search Replace mode). To search and replace on an existing site, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Cloner admin page, and set the Mode dropdown to “Search and Replace”.
  2. If on a multisite, select one or multiple sites you’d like to apply the replacements on.
  3. Enter an unlimited number of search terms and their desired replacements.
  4. Click “Search/Replace” and watch the Cloner make all your replacements across your whole site (or sites) in seconds, including safely modifying serialized options values.

WP Cloner will copy everything in the source site, so just set up your template site exactly like you want copied sites to be. You can include common shared items like menus, plugin settings, etc and leave out any unique content that you don’t want to be included in all future copies.

Then, install WP Cloner and you’ll be able to instantly create unlimited copies of your template site, and adjust each one independently.

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