We don’t like legalese any more than you do. And our core identity places utmost value on integrity, honesty, and transparency. Here it is straight and simple:

Privacy Policy:

We won’t ever share or use your info without your permission.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final, but if you are not satisfied we will make it right. If we make a mistake we’ll fix it fast. And if that means honoring a product-specific money back guarantee we’ll do it!

IMPORTANT: Refunds are only possible within the product’s guarantee time frame from the original purchase – NOT on subsequent subscription renewals that occur on their normal billing cycle.

Please note: In the event that a refund has been issued you are confirming that you will uninstall and delete all copies of the purchased plugin.

Shipping Policy:

All products are electronic and downloadable immediately upon sale.

Purchase Policy:

We use secure, accredited services to process all payments, ensuring all transactions are SSL encrypted. Incidentally, our cart on this site is currently running WooCommerce with secure SSL checkout.

By placing a secure order on WPsiteCloner.com, you understand that all purchases for a digital subscription will be billed an initial amount for the sign up fee (if applicable) and the first period of the membership; and that you will be billed automatically for subscription renewals unless you cancel your product subscription. You can cancel at any time. You also acknowledge that updates and support will only be provided for as long as your subscription is active.

Please note, Never Settle reserves the right to alter current subscription pricing, time period, etc., at any time. Subsequent changes do not automatically affect initial subscription agreements and/or terms.

IMPORTANT: If you select PayPal as the payment method for your subscription please be aware that the PayPal gateway does NOT support subscription updates (including cancellations). If you cancel your subscription through your account on this site you must ALSO cancel your recurring payment directly on PayPal or PayPal will continue to charge you on the recurring time frame of your original subscription. However, if you cancel the recurring payment directly in PayPal first, this WILL automatically update your account on this site as well and will cancel your subscription status correctly. Thank you for your understanding.

Support Policy:

In a nutshell: we provide support for all issues directly related to our software to customers with currently active product subscriptions (according to the stated limits and restrictions below).

The best way to reach us for support is by emailing support@wpsitecloner.com or opening a ticket on support.neversettle.it

We reserve the right to change this at any time in any way we see fit to maintain flexibility in releasing and supporting high quality web software and tools. As we grow and respond to the increasing demands of supporting a broader customer base we will experiment with different approaches to try to deliver the highest possible quality level of support within realistic constraints, and we want to proactively set the right expectations.

Principles and Limits Guiding our Support

  1. We do NOT offer support for our products being used on any websites or platforms which, in our sole discretion:
    • Infringe on anyone else’s rights or freedoms (for example, but not limited to copyright).
    • Contain any data or material that is abusive, threatening, harassing, or defamatory.
    • Serve illegal and/or malicious software, viruses, hacking tools (warez) or any other illegal material.
    • Promote or provide adult content or sex-related merchandising.
  2. Because these terms are acknowledged and agreed to with every purchase through our site, we are not obligated to provide a refund in cases where the above conditions apply and we’re therefore unable to provide support. However, if the purchase was recent, we often are willing to refund in those cases.
  3. We do NOT offer support for our free products. We often do end up helping out with questions that come up on the WP.org forums, but it is not guaranteed.
  4. We offer email-based support to our active customers and will always work hard to resolve an issue as quickly as possible. We strive for an initial response time within 24 hours, but cannot promise that will always happen. If an issue is related to a customer’s configuration or some factor outside of our products we cannot provide free support for that. We also cannot provide extensive support for a single issue. While there are always exceptions and we try to be reasonably flexible, we define “extensive support” as something that requires more than 30 minutes of troubleshooting or multiple back-and-forth emails (on the scale of 5 or more) to get a clear picture of what the problem is.
  5. We do not provide free telephone support for any of our products.
  6. We can only support the latest versions of our plugins if they are installed on the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of all related plugins. There are too many potential issues with older versions of WordPress and other plugins and we unfortunately cannot support cases where they are involved.

We will ALWAYS try to resolve issues as quickly as possible through normal support included with our product subscriptions. However, for larger scenarios that fall outside our resources to provide normal support, we offer the following extended support rates:

Subscription & Software Update Policy:

We provide free plugin updates to all customers with active product subscriptions.

Digital subscriptions are billed automatically for renewals and can be canceled at any time.

Please note: In the event that you cancel your plugin subscription you are confirming that you have deleted and uninstalled all copies of the plugin.

General Terms & Conditions:

Our customer service and contact information is:


By using this site and/or purchasing our services or products you acknowledge the above and understand that this is a reasonable way for human beings to interact.