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How Valuable is Your Time?

You have more important things to do…

Don’t spend valuable time on site transfer or duplication tasks that could be automated.


  • Tedious transfer of SQL exports and URL and directory replacements when copying or moving an existing site?
  • Hours spent manually reconfiguring settings each time, or copying over content for a number of similar network sites?
  • Headaches from things breaking when trying to copy a site, either to reuse it or create a staging site?


Here’s How the Cloner Can Help



  • Rapidly spin up new client sites or staging instances
  • Simplify your multisite management
  • Save tons of time on site migrations and testing.



  • Easily create parallel versions of sites for testing or comparison with no coding required
  • Perform quick global replacements of placeholders in site content.



  • Effortlessly roll out networks of similar sites.
  • Use for regional sites, affiliate marketing, or any other purpose.
  • Increase reach and decrease deployment time.



  • Offer preconfigured, customized member sites via frontend cloning
  • Speed up internal processes and collaboration for your team.


Check out the Features


1. Single and Multisite Support

The Cloner has always provided fast, powerful cloning within WP multisite networks – to new sites or over existing sites. In the new V4, it not only has better-than-ever multisite functionality but also offers single site cloning, including copying a network subsite to a separate single site and vice versa.

2. Remote “Teleport” Cloning

In Teleport mode, you can easily and securely transfer sites between multisite networks on different servers, or even migrate a whole network over to a new server. *Cloner will copy everything in the WordPress database, you’ll only need to copy the plugin and theme files over to the new server. Future versions will even do this for you too!

3. Content Management

With Cloner Pro you have access to a variety of settings for precise selective cloning. You can turn media cloning on or off, control exactly which database tables are cloned, and select which post types are copied when replacing one site with another one.

4. User Cloning

When cloning users, you can copy just the current user or all existing users complete with their roles and metadata, with robust logic for handling the complexities of multisite and single site user schema differences. You’ll also be able to instantly create new admin users for cloned sites, in order to hand them off to someone else.

5. Custom Search & Replace

In addition to performing automatic, serialized-safe smart URL replacements on all site content, Cloner Pro gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of custom search and replace values. You can run the Cloner in search and replace mode on an existing site, or perform replacements on the fly while cloning to a new site.

6. Frontend Cloning

With frontend cloning, you can set up template sites for new users to choose between when registering for a blog/site on your network, as well as custom fields for them to provide their own values for placeholders in the template site content. Their new site will automatically be set up with all content and settings cloned from the selected template site, and populated with their personalized values replacing the placeholders.

7. Saved Presets

Each time you use the Cloner, you have the option to save all your settings in a named preset. You’ll be able to instantly load all the configuration for commonly repeated operations in one click.

8. Background Cloning

By default, the Cloner now runs via a series of robust background processes, so you can clone large sites without running into timeout errors, and you can close your tab without interrupting cloning, or stay and watch the progress live.

9. WP CLI Support

You can now configure and run the Cloner directly from the command line via WP CLI, with support for all the same operations possible via the admin GUI.

10. Developer-Friendly & Extendable

We built the Cloner to be extended, with extensive debug logging and a large number of actions and filters, plus a robust add-on architecture for creating new modes, options and functionality.

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